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As a Business Advisor, Federico provides financial and strategic advice to small, mid-sized companies, as well as big corporations in the private and public sectors:

  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Operational Excellence
  • Manufacturing
  • Business Development
  • Negotiation
  • Restructuring
  • Brand Positioning
  • Technology and Innovation


Federico effectively delivers inspiring and actionable keynotes on leadership and motivation, embracing change, and new opportunities:

  • Motivational & Leadership Keynote
  • Communicating Effectively
  • Generational Change
  • Business Negotiation
  • Businessatva: Leadership & Mindfulness


Education is key to growing a business. Federico's Educational Seminars focus on the concept that "people are the most important asset of an organization, and should be valued and nurtured as such:

  • Building Corporate Culture
  • Teambuilding
  • Talent and Strategy Alignment
  • CEO and Senior Executive Onboarding
  • The Sound of Business: Working in Unison


Larry Gulko
Brand Architect & Strategist | Brand: New Day Thought Leadership Retreats & Roundtables | CBS Boston ‘Name Brands’ | CEO Whisperer | Keynote Speaker

Federico is a fearless leader and a visionary executive. When I refer to fearless, Federico possesses the courage, integrity, and tenacity to drive business to a new plateau of success while embracing his team, inspiring his team to collaborate, to believe in the company's mission and ultimately win. He is a unique executive with a bold vision, and constant drive to create strategies and initiatives designed the build brand value, revenue, and growth. I've worked with Federico as a partner company, and his genuine desire to create opportunities that drive huge win-wins is remarkable.

He's quite the successful entrepreneur/executive who's moving the needle year after year. In essence, he not only believes in his brand but also creates legions of raving fans/teams to focus on delivering the unexpected, to compete in an ever-changing business landscape. Everyone I talk to loves and respects Federico. He's a class act!

Maurizio Marchiori
Founder, Emme Emme, Inc.

In business, it’s all about metrics. What makes a difference, though, is how the numbers are read and interpreted.

Federico is a master at mixing financial rationality with branding values and human capital. Behind each figure are mathematical formulas, or profitability rates, and sums of values and the personality of a brand. His skills enable him to interpret finance in a new way and approach, making him an expert in his field.

Betsy Parayil-Pezard
Leadership Coach and Author. Co-founder, Mindfulness Solidaire

Federico speaks both from his experience of leading under pressure in challenging circumstances, and the many years of practice and reflection that have nourished and cultivated his approach. With a unique combination of courage and humility, he takes on the vast subject of how to live and lead in this particular era. I am delighted that Federico is further sharing his insight with the world in the form of this book, and I am certain that his readers will find in him a generous friend who deeply understands the complexity of human experience.

Gerry Adams
Board Advisor to Consumer Growth Companies

Over the course of several years as a consultant and auditor of Technogym, I worked very closely with Federico in his role as Chief Operating Officer in the US. I could not recommend a business leader. He possesses fluency in at least six languages. He is highly skilled in problem-solving, team building, manufacturing, logistics, marketing, and finance. I would not hesitate to recommend him for any highlevel leadership position.

Isabel Coscia
Chief Marketing Officer, Fountain Life

What constitutes a great leader? There is so much literature out there that lists qualities of great leadership. It's not about possessing every single trait; it's about a few that make you unique. A few characteristics that stand you apart from the rest. Qualities that naturally draw people to you, that inspire others to achieve their best. Federico is quite a unique leader. He is creative, innovative, and inspirational. His strategic thinking, mindfulness, futuristic vision, and sharp business sense, coupled with unmatched integrity and passion for whatever he does, makes him a unique leader.

He is authentic, and leads by example, empowering others to make a difference not only on the job but in their own personal lives. His leadership skills and practices extend beyond the job into impacting personal life. Federico's energy for excellence is contagious!

Daniel J. Geltrude
CPA, “America’s Accountant”

Balance. Such a simple word, yet so hard to achieve in life. In fact, it is one of the great challenges each of us face. For example, is it possible to be successful in business and remain on a spiritual path? Of course, it is! You need not look any further than the personal example of Federico Foli.

I first met Federico at the Tibet Center in New Jersey, where we studied Buddhism. Since that time, we have also done business together on many levels. Federico is not only brilliant, but he is the model for integrity in the business world. He is someone that remains spiritual and achieves great success in his career. He can do this because he understands karma. Karma is nothing more than an action. But for every action, there is a reaction – a balance of sorts. Therefore, if you are mindful of your actions, you can exercise some level of control overreactions. Fortunately, Federico is willing to share his wisdom and insight with us. Again, he is creating good karma! Now you can create your good karma by reading his book. Remember, doing nothing is also an action, but I’m glad you did not choose that path. You will be too!

Gabriele Brusa
Managing Partner, Bespoke Biotech Advisory

Federico is down to earth and true talent. He has an energetic presence and a "keep-on-pushing" attitude towards challenges and innovation. He is a geek at heart but with a youthful mind and spirit. Federico is extremely wise and skilled at driving change inside an organization. He has a keen eye and understanding towards management and bases his assessments on investment in the right human capital.

In an age of intense competition, he is very sensitive to innovation and to the customers' needs. This is a key component of his strategic approach to the company's targets.

Federico always aligns with his objectives. He is financially savvy and prepared and has a modern approach that sets apart as a highly reliable manager for complex tasks and organizations.

I spent long hours working with him abroad, and I have always found him to be a loyal and direct teammate. He offers excellent support in all settings and develops challenging ones, ideas, views, and decisions.

I'm delighted that our collaboration continues in the North American Biotech & Life Sciences market space through Bespoke Biotech Advisory.

Gabriele Paglialonga
Managing Director, Industrio Ventures Srl

I first met Federico in NYC as I was working on a project to expand the business of an Italian nutraceutical company to the US market. That project was then followed by other opportunities, which testifies how much I appreciated Federico's mindset and approach.

What I immediately liked about Federico is his ease of discussing even the most challenging topics and with people he just met. He has a strong power of abstraction and can reduce complexity by approaching problems from different perspectives and tackling them accordingly.

He thinks holistically; that is finance, but also cultural, societal, and other aspects of conducting business in a foreign country.

Also, Federico is very straightforward. In his constructive fashion, it doesn't take him a long time to identify the strengths and weaknesses of a project and talk openly about it.

Last, he can smile while working, which – in my opinion - is a rare and appreciated attitude.

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