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The Mindful Leader

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The best way to stimulate passion, motivation, commitment, and happiness in a work environment is through experience, collaboration, trust, and a partnership between leadership and those who form the organization.

Over two decades in the Financial, Tech and Wellness Industries, and years of dedicated Buddhist practice, I have created a series of exercises and techniques. I named this method: the Businessatva Approach- to understand and transform a negative, self-centered work reality, into a sustainable, successful practice for a productive and happier business environment.

This approach is a recipe that is proven and works!

In a world that is facing sustainable challenges in business, security, climate change, social change, the solution is not based on selfishness or "me against you" behavior, but rather working together as a collective community.

What's the first step in reaching success? A widespread dosage of compassion and applying love and kindness to those around you. We can do this together, by letting go of ego and believing that we can control everything around us.

This is what "The Mindful Leader" is all about. Reading the book is the very first step to driving change and creating a sustainable world ecosystem.

— Federico Foli

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